Professional Valuation and Counseling Services.

The company's long history of property evaluation has enabled them to become experts in the area of real estate counseling, as well. The importance of highly accurate and qualified property appraisals is augmented by Hulberg's strength in reading economic conditions and estimating values. The firm maintains an extensive database of sales and leases in the region, facilitating the preparation of fast, accurate appraisals. Emerging trends are carefully monitored for clear and concise market forecasts. Hulberg's expertise in feasibility studies has made them integral to the planning and development of major projects.

Hulberg & Associates' appraisals are relied upon by lending institutions, corporate entities, developers, attorneys, governmental agencies and private individuals for the following:

  • Lending
  • Buy/Sell Decisions
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Estate Planning/Taxation
  • Litigation
  • Project Design & Feasibility
  • Leasing
  • Insurance

Hulberg & Associates, Inc.'s services are vital to real estate decisions involving:

  • Sale, purchase or lease
  • Mortgage and construction financing
  • Litigation, condemnation, bankruptcy
  • Arbitration, mediation
  • Foreclosure proceedings and probate actions
  • Establishing rental terms
  • Estate planning
  • Undivided interest valuations
  • Merger and liquidations
  • Property and income taxation
  • Contaminated sites
  • Market research services, including site feasibility studies