Church Eligible to Sue City Planning Commission over Land Use Decisions

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Foursquare Gospel Church is eligible to sue the city of San Leandro over land use/planning decisions made on an industrially-zoned parcel that the facility purchased in 2006. 

The church purchased the property in hopes to construct a larger facility.  Subsequent to the close of escrow, the city’s Planning Commission approved land use changes that would allow for development of religious facilities on 196 industrially-zoned parcels in the area, except for the one that Foursquare bought.  Reasons for the exclusion, cited by the commission, include the property’s location from a main street, a proximity to hazardous materials, and a loss of tax revenue for the city. 

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Foresquare can proceed with a lawsuite that could cost the city millions of dollars due to losses incurred by the church for owning a property that it cannot use because of the Planning Commission’s land use decisions.

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